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Plan your experience with a full lineup of sessions, workshops, and special events to build your career, connections and community.

Audience watching two speakers on stage, seated with a large screen and colorful geometric background, in a well-lit event space.

What to expect

Get a glimpse of the sessions and experiences that will elevate your business strategy, leadership, and branding approach.

Brands & Brews

Relaxed, yet insightful panel and fireside sessions downtown Banff hosted on Wednesday, October 23rd. Perfect your craft in the company of peers, with pints.

Day 1
Three people engaging in conversation in a dimly lit networking event, with one person smiling while holding a drink.

Welcome Reception & Kick Off Party

Join us for our Welcome Reception at the heart of the Fairmont—the Rundle Lounge. This is your opportunity to mingle with other guests, enjoy spirits and libations, and kick off The Gathering in style.

Day 1
An ornate room at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel with chandeliers, where people are gathered at a registration area with a sign reading ‘Welcome to The Gathering.’

The Gathering Summit

Enjoy two days of valuable stage content including keynotes, masterclasses and workshops at the Fairmont Conference Centre, featuring successful brand leaders sharing insights and case studies. Learn how to build a winning playbook to make a mark with your brand.

Days 2–3
A large audience seated at a conference, watching a speaker on stage with multiple screens displaying images and text.

Inner Sanctums

Intimate, off-the-record conversations with some of the world’s biggest brand leaders where any question is welcome.

Days 2–3
A small, intimate discussion session with two speakers seated in front of a small group in a warmly lit room.

Night Gatherings

Unique and intimate experiences in settings that inspire openness, camaraderie and conversation.

Days 1–2
A lively networking dinner event with attendees seated at long tables, engaged in conversations, against a backdrop of large windows revealing a mountainous landscape.

Speed Networking

Non-stuffy networking to match with new business opportunities and create meaningful relationships over shared interests and passions.

Days 2–3
People wearing lanyards sitting on a leather couch, lifting their coffee cups to cheers.

VIP Dinner

Join our speakers, sponsors, and Pinnacle Pass holders for an exclusive and invite only  dinner in the sky. Ascend the mountain by gondola to a breathtaking venue where you can connect, share insights, and enjoy a meal together above the majestic scenery of the Canadian Rockies.

Day 2
A formal dinner setting with attendees seated at tables, engaged in lively discussions, in a room with large windows showing a scenic mountain view outside.

The Tony Hsieh Gala

Celebrate excellence at our black-tie awards gala, celebrating emerging brands, leadership, culture and the inauguration of The Brand Hall of Fame. 

Day 3
A large ballroom filled with people seated at tables, focusing on a stage with a speaker and a large projected graphic.

Brand Hall of Fame Induction

Dedicated to honoring the architects of brands that have not only endured but thrived, making a significant mark on the industry.

Day 3
A large conference room filled with people watching a presentation, with a screen reading ‘Brand Hall of Fame’ in the background.

Brand Hall of Fame

The Brand Hall of Fame is a recognition of the brands who have not only endured but thrived, making a significant mark on our industry.
The induction ceremony takes place annually at The Gathering Summit. The awards ceremony and inaugural induction is on Friday, October 25th at 7 pm. All Access pass holders have access to this prestigious moment in time.
Brand Hall of Fame

Full schedule and lineup coming soon

Day 1


October 23
  • Registration
  • Brands & Brews Sessions
  • Night Gatherings & Experiences
  • Kick-off Party
Day 2


October 24
  • The Gathering Summit
  • Inner Sanctums
  • Brand Activations
  • VIP Dinner
  • Night Gatherings
Day 3


October 25
  • The Gathering Summit
  • Inner Sanctums
  • Brand Activations
  • Tony Hsieh Awards Gala
  • Brand Hall of Fame Induction
Tim Ellis holding a microphone and speaking on stage, wearing a black blazer and a t-shirt with a football player graphic.

In a calendar filled with industry events, The Gathering stands out. We make it a point to attend because it uniquely bridges the past, present, and future of branding. The Brand Hall of Fame is a testament to that commitment.

Tim Ellis