Tara Hunt

CEO, Truly.

Tara Hunt, CEO of Truly, has over 20 years experience in market research and strategy on both client and agency side. She wrote one of the first books on how the social web is changing business, has been quoted in dozens of books and articles, spoken at over 175 conferences, was named one of 2013’s Entrepreneurial Women to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, and one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in Fast Company.

Her award-winning portfolio includes work with P&G, L’Oreal, Nokia, Facebook, Big Rock Breweries, Intuit, REALTOR.ca, and The Mayo Clinic. She also led the digital strategy that led Justin Trudeau to a landslide LPC Leadership victory and built the online strategy that helped him become Prime Minister of Canada.

She has built an engaged and enthusiastic business audience online of over 345,000 followers, including a significant number of thought leaders. She is a LinkedIn Influencer, followed by over 200,000 people. Her Slideshare presentations have been viewed over 2 million times. She is in the top 5% of Twitter users worldwide with over 51,000 followers, and she produces a regular web series on YouTube called Truly Strategic which has over 8,500 subscribers.

Tara combines a data-centric with a human-centric approach to building an audience, leaning heavily on insights into consumer patterns and behaviors while keeping an eye on online trends and changing expectations.