Sean Claessen

EVP, Strategy & Executive Creative Director, Bond Brand Loyalty

Sean leads our creative and strategy teams. He has extensive experience in youth marketing, heavy digital innovation and developing experiential campaigns for brands such as The Home Depot, BlackBerry, Ford, SCENE, Cineplex, West 49, the SPC program, Solo Mobile, Mattel, Puma, various ministries of the Ontario Government and several not-for-profit organizations and causes.

Sean’s experience has garnered a strategic understanding of above- and below-the-line advertising and promotion, a wealth of knowledge in direct mail, experiential marketing and a myriad of forms of digital interactive development. A focus on mixing traditional and non-traditional creative, the breadth of tactical knowledge, governed by strong strategy that’s founded in consumer insight, make Sean a valuable contributor to our Executive Leadership Team. Leading a team of Strategists, Creative Directors, Art Directors and Writers, Sean’s focus is on creating valuable and potent brand experiences for our clients that blur the line between breakthrough Creative and innovative Strategy. Sean is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout North America, focused on Brand Experience, Loyalty, Digital vocabularies like Social and Mobile.