Mark Radha

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Brand Economist, Strata Insights

Mark Radha co-developed the finance of brand measurement methodology advising, integrating, and evolving best practices to establish a universal approach to measuring and optimizing brand’s financial contribution. He contributed to national and international standards with organizations such as the ISO, MASB, Forbes, ANSI and LES. As a financial analyst, strategic director and brand valuation expert, working in Financial Services, Technology, Base Materials, and Entertainment, Mark combined this knowledge and identified measurement gaps at a time where intangible assets, like Brand, are dominating the financial value of a business but are not being recognized. As Strata Insights Chief Brand Economist, he provides clients and agency partners with strategic guidance based on financially-validated business models that can identify the optimal solutions, aptly called Brand Economics™. Clients finally have access to financial and statistical data that identifies the most financially lucrative strategies for branding/rebranding, new product development, market segmentation, M&A and more.