Jess Hilton

Vice President, Client Partnership, Ansira

A long-distance runner and alternative fitness junkie, Jess has logged enough miles to run from Banff to Dubai; she can go the distance. She knows how to put a long-term customer journey into action.
Jess uses her G.I. Jane tenacity to help brands implement solutions that align their focus to ever-changing customer expectations.
Over the past decade Jess has applied a philosophy of ‘responsible disruption’ with her clients, ensuring that marketers are applying best practices while considering cutting-edge options.
As the VP of Client Partnership at Ansira, she works with brands like Chili’s, 7-Eleven, and the Tourism Board of Aruba. Jess helps brands improve relevancy in an increasingly cluttered competitive landscape.
When she’s not challenging brands to be faster, stronger, and bolder, she trains for ultra marathons and does one-armed push-ups with her 3 kids on her back.