Douglas Atkin

Former Global Head of Community, Airbnb

Douglas was Global Head of Community at Airbnb from 2012-2017.

At Airbnb he developed the company’s and community’s Purpose: Create a world where Anyone can Belong Anywhere. He led all community initiatives, including grassroots activism by Hosts to change laws globally. Douglas was ‘Architect’ of the company’s and community’s Values and Culture.

He is Co-Founder (with Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb) and Chairman of ‘Peers’, a global movement for the Sharing Economy.

He is Co-Founder of Purpose, an organization that mobilizes millions for social change.

Former Board Member of, the world’s largest LGBTQ movement. Meetup Fellow and former Partner and Chief Community Officer at Meetup-the world’s largest network of communities. Author of ‘The Culting of Brands: How to turn customers into true believers’ a book about how to build cult-like community around almost anything.

Former Brand Strategist and Partner at leading NY and London Advertising Agencies.
Former Chairman of the U.S. Account Planning Group (the professional association of Brand Strategists)