Derek Westerlund

Director & Founder, Freeride Entertainment

Derek grew up around the pioneers of the extreme sports movement and over the past fifteen years, Derek and his team at Freeride Entertainment have produced award-winning content across film, television, web and commercial platforms in more than 40 countries around the world.

Most recently, Freeride Entertainment, in association with Red Bull Media House, teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Dana Brown to produce “On AnySunday, The Next Chapter,” a widely received documentary feature film that explores the passion of motorcycle riding, released in theaters across the US and several global markets in Fall 2014. Next up is “Unrideables: The Alaska Range” a documentary film that follows a team of elite aerial athletes to evolve the sport of Speedriding in North America’s most remote and demanding mountain environment. Derek resides in Nelson, British Columbia with his wife and two sons.