The Ultimate Fighting Championship

From its humble and controversial beginnings in 1993, the UFC has risen to a global phenomenon and is now considered the fifth major sporting organization in North America.

The UFC has built themselves into the largest pay-per-view event on the planet, with 40 live fights per year and an overall presence of 1 billion viewers in 150 countries. But it’s not these impressive numbers that makes them a Top Cult brand, it’s the approachability and customer engagement they focus on at every level with their fans, their partners and the media.

The UFC has a unique one-to-one connection with their customers that no other sporting league comes close to and they continue to be at the forefront of cutting edge marketing, production, promotion and social and media relations. Their mantra of “building the best, most exciting events possible” continues to drive this brand to the forefront of major sports. They celebrate the fact that the fans are a good reason they are successful by understanding their audience and driving their passions with unique offerings, partnerships and extreme approachability.