Tim Hortons

While Tim Hortons is unarguably Canada’s largest and most beloved restaurant, it is a multi-national purveyor of coffee and donuts who has perfected the art of not just making a dollar, but also making a difference.

Tim Hortons remains fully committed to their nontraditional marketing strategies aimed at community relations and being a cultural icon. They proudly support the “Tim Horton Children’s Foundation”, sponsoring thousands of under privileged children, along with hundreds of local food drives and community clean up projects. Perhaps even more popular is their association with Timbits hockey, where tens of thousands of kids build friendships, learn to skate and participate in hockey. As Tim Hortons continues to expand it’s menu offerings, enhance it’s culture, and increase it’s global footprint, their Cult-status will continue to grow and more people will appreciate why “going to Timmy’s” means so much more than just a great meal.