Claiming you are “probably the best site in the world” is a bold statement for some brands, but The Chive makes a compelling argument for why it may in fact be true for them.

Considering they are ranked as the #1 humour site in the North America, enjoy hundreds of offline Chapters across the country, have over a billion mobile app interactions a month, AND are spearheading a movement to get Bill Murray elected President of The United States of America. Spend ten minutes surfing and you’ll come believe they really are as good as they say.

From humble beginnings as a lone photo blog, The Chive has grown into an international powerhouse within the worlds of entertainment, apparel, music, charity and beer, all in under a decade.

They now enjoy some of the most engaged followers on the Internet, and are constantly evolving with various content strategies and distribution outlets to convey their ethos of hotness, humor and humanity to all mankind.

They embrace their nontraditional approach to catering to their cult followers and their feature custom articles, photo shoots, podcasts, celebrity partners, and offline events are all completely integrated into a compelling brand strategy other marketers should emulate.