Nintendo’s cult following stems from the fact that it has been revolutionizing gaming since the launch of its first “Nintendo Entertainment System” in 1985 which sold over 60Million units and first introduced the world to beloved characters like Mario and Zelda.

They went on to release the most successful portable gaming system ever – Game Boy – and have been on the cutting edge of gaming innovations with the release of Nintendo 64 (new realistic 3D gaming), Game Cube (optical discs instead of cartridges) and Wii (wireless motion-sensitive controllers). The fact that Nintendo is the world’s largest video game company by revenue is no accident. They carefully protect their culture of creativity and thoughtfully exploit all their brand assets in regards to merchandising and entertainment. They foster smart strategic alliances to envelop their fan’s lives with Nintendo branded assets and tap into all the proven game theories to ensure their products are engaging and social. And their emphasis on family-friendly fun ensures generational appeal as kids grow up to become parents eager to introduce their own children to the Nintendo universe.