Beyond beer, Molson Canadian has united an entire nation behind a brand its citizens can truly call “their own.”

Molson has been making beer before there even was a Canada. 230 years later, the brewer’s flagship lager continues to dominate beer sales in North America, and has become a beacon for Canada around the world.

The brand’s pervasiveness is no mistake. From professional hockey and the Olympics to rock concerts and remote mountain ice rinks, everywhere Canadians are, you’re likely to find Canadian. It’s tapped into Canadians’ sense of pride and independence, with anthemic ads akin to citizenship oaths, irreverent experiential stunts, and engaging destinations like Molson Canadian Hockey House, the hospitality centre that welcomes hockey fans from around the world to the Winter Olympics.

With its emphasis on consumer engagement, it’s no wonder the brand continues to grow in Canada and around the world, having successfully launched in Ireland and most recently, Australia.