Founded in 1998, lululemon is one of the greatest retail success stories of the past 20 years.

The founder (now a billionaire) and his talented team quickly transformed lululemon from a yoga-inspired, grassroots, Vancouver-based company into an international retail phenomenon.

So much more than $98 stretch pants that help make them famous, the brand thrives by resonating more on what it stands for than what it sells. Through its ethos of self-betterment, fitness and positive thinking, the lululemon ‘gospel’ has spread like wild fire across demographics and geographies through non-traditional media, inspired HR practices and really hands-on community marketing.

Lulu’s broad allure that has built a cult-like devotion amongst consumers who normally don’t have much in common: from urban hipsters to suburban moms, from preteens to boomers, all united in their common desire for comfortable, flattering clothes—not to mention peace and happiness. Now with sales over $2Billion annually, the retailer has proven that shunning traditional advertising and embracing cult marketing principles really can produce huge returns.