What started as a small gelato shop in 2003, Fiasco Gelato has now quickly become the industry leader in gelato not only for their commitment to the craft but also for their approach to doing business differently.

Fiasco’s unique flavour offerings, one of a kind packaging & passionate brand promise in building something that matters is the steady foundation for creating this company that pushes the limits on what it means to be an innovative culture and a steward for the environment and community.

Fiasco’s leadership has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies 3 years in a row; Was acknowledged as the 2014 Break out Business of The Year, and has got the nod for several empowering community awards; not to mention they are a leading certified B Corp.

In just under four years of their first pint hitting grocers shelves, Fiasco is now available in over 1600 retailers across Canada.

The purpose driven team at Fiasco stands by its mission to enrich people’s lives.
They just happen to do it by making gelato.