Converse began in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes. Soon after, they started making sneakers and created a canvas basketball shoe named “All Star”. While no longer the “official shoe of the National Basketball Association”, the company has certainly remained an all-star brand with an enviable cult following.

Revered by tens of millions as an expression of individuality and a lifestyle brand enabling self-expression, the Converse brand is beloved by musicians, artists, skaters and free spirits worldwide. Universally accepted as both a casual shoe to relax in, or the perfect compliment to a business casual meeting, just Google “Converse fan” and you’ll see how legions of fans do anything and everything in their “Chucks”, “All Stars”, or “Cons”.

Converse believes that their product becomes a part of you. As such, their approach to marketing and branding is as unique and nontraditional as they people who wear them. And as evidenced by their nearly 40MM Facebook followers (nearly double that of their parent company Nike), their approach seems to be working.