It ain’t easy being cheesy, but Cheetos makes it an art form.

Introduced in 1948, the brand has put its cheetle-dusted mark (note: cheetle is the dust that sticks to your fingers when eating Cheetos) on the world of snacking for 70 years. The brand has a long history of introducing new products that challenge fans to expect the unexpected from the debut of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the early 1990s to the first-ever sweet Cheetos – Cheetos Sweetos – decades later.

Chester Cheetah, the brand’s likeable spokes-cat, has continually been the master of Cheetos’ mischievous ways, solidifying its cheesy mark on pop culture. Like any recognizable brand icon, Chester even once had his own limited-edition cheese-infused cologne that captured his true essence.

Cheetos has some of the most passionate fans who continuously share their love of the brand – and the ways they engage and play with the product – through social media. The brand taps into these consumer trends, intensely listening to its consumers’ needs and passions and letting them inspire some of the brand’s most creative programs. This includes the Cheetos Museum, a virtually curated collection of unique Cheetos shapes, as well as the Spotted Cheetah Restaurant, a Cheetos-inspired pop-up restaurant featuring tantalizing Cheetos-infused recipes.

Why? Because having a bit of fun is serious business!