The story of car2go is like the whole concept: sensational.

Five years after it started in the German city of Ulm, in 2008, car2go is alive and well in 29 North American and European cities. Over 1,000,000 members enjoy unlimited mobility with car2go around every corner. It’s a unique story of movement and freedom that makes mobile life in the city more beautiful and environmentally friendly. Using cars intelligently instead of just owning them: this is how car2go has redefined urban mobility in our cities.

Part of the allure of Car2Go brand and their Cult-followers is how this up and coming brand focuses their marketing efforts by supporting the community and building this loyal following by unique and targeted community events and experiences in the cities they operate. A belief and strategy that is at the core of the Car2Go ethos.

Thanks to its flexible prices, ease of use, urban outreach and community involvement, car2go’s success continues to thrive and expand by providing its members a way to experience this revolutionary brand and service around every corner.