Past Honorees


Cirque du Soleil

Over 150MM spectators have had their imaginations and emotions blown wide open as Cirque’s multi-national, multi-talented performers dazzle in 19 different shows. They have become the largest theatrical production in the world.


From its humble and controversial beginnings in 1993, the UFC has risen to a global phenomenon and is now considered the fifth major sporting organization in North America.

Tim Hortons

While Tim Hortons is unarguably Canada’s largest and most beloved restaurant, it is a multi-national purveyor of coffee and donuts who has perfected the art of not just making a dollar, but also making a difference.


With a worldwide reputation as “the ultimate,” The Patrón Spirits Co. has built a brand so remarkable it's been referenced in numerous hit songs, and spontaneously endorsed by celebrities without any incentive.

Dallas Cowboys

Affectionately dubbed “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys are unquestionably a cult brand to be reckoned with.

Disney Channel

Disney Channels Worldwide, part of the largest media and entertainment company in the world, The Walt Disney Company, has set a new standard for excellence by consistently entertaining and delighting kids and families with its original programming.


Nintendo’s cult following stems from the fact that it has been revolutionizing gaming since the launch of its first “Nintendo Entertainment System” in 1985.

Goodlife Fitness

As the largest health club in Canada (and fourth largest in the World), GoodLife Fitness is an example of being hyper-successful by focusing on noble brand values.

The Inner Circle

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