Beach Season



Enter Beach Season. A Canadian duo comprised of Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer exploring the sound existing within the intersection of R&B and Electronic Pop music.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, a city known for it’s cold and dry weather, Simon and Sam saw themselves much different from their city and their contemporaries; a Beach Season in the middle of winter.

Collaborating with one another for over a decade, Sam first emerged as Beach Season in 2014 with the release of the EP, “Internet Evening”. Shortly afterwards Simon joined, and they followed up with their sophomore EP titled “Libra Year”. Beach Season found themselves incorporating experimental electronica, retro synths, drum machine samples, and quintessential pop, growing into a sound they can truly exhibit on their own.

This year Sam and Simon strive to express themselves as artists and tastemakers. With the release of their most recent EP, “Time & Place”, they have realized their most expressive project to date, utilizing accumulated influences and sounds from places they visited during the integral creative process of the album.