Why attend The Gathering?

Sit at the feet of the world’s most courageous brand leaders, hear their stories, ask your questions, and learn first-hand how their masterful marketing strategies forged their fanatical cult followings.

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Trying to twist your bosses arm to send you to The Gathering? With this amount of ROI you shouldn’t need to but just in case here’s a persuasive letter.

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Are you a senior marketer, c-level leader or entrepreneur? Do you want to know the secret techniques cult brands use to build unbreakable affinity and win the irrational loyalty and devotion of their consumers?

Of course you do.

Here’s seven other reasons you’ll want to attend The Gathering:

  1. Meet face to face with the senior leaders who’ve built devoutly loyal followings for some of the world’s most enviable brands.
  2. Be one of a few hundred attendees from around the world to learn the inside secrets on how to amass legions of loyal customers.
  3. Hear from leading experts on how to unlock the genetic code of the world’s top cult brands.
  4. Glean insights, practical intelligence and tactics you can apply tomorrow to build better customer engagement and brand allegiance.
  5. Witness brands being immortalized at our gala celebration.
  6. Network (and celebrate) with enlightened peers and brand luminaries in one of the world’s most desirable resorts.
  7. Experience the majesty of the Canadian Rockies and explore beautiful Banff, Alberta.
  8. Learn how you can personally create tremendous value for your brand or organization by applying cult brand principles. Use this proposal to win support for your trip to our next summit.

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Please note: This promo code also applies 7 days prior and post event dates to provide more flexibility when traveling between February 13th and March 1st, 2019.

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