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The Gathering is a unique and exciting event for marketers that want to better understand what’s really required to achieve cult status.

Our fifth annual event seeks to reward the handful of marketers who are getting it spectacularly right. They will join a forum that celebrates what matters most in the new marketing age, give credit where credit is long overdue, and seek to enlighten as to how any brand can convert customers into cult-like devotees.

Attendees will travel from across the continent to take part in the Gathering, to learn what it takes to remain relevant and be successful in the years to come from these award-winning brand champions. These brands have been selected based on merit, results and their potential to become cult like in their appeal. Executive attendees will be among some of the most successful names in business and marketing historically, as well as upcoming stars.

The Gathering offers a variety of different sponsorship opportunities for organizations of all shapes and sizes. We make it a priority to customize every sponsorship to ensure that no two are alike and that each sponsoring organization gets exactly what they need out of a partnership with The Gathering.

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