While we try to maintain secrecy, word of The Gathering gets around. Here’s a selection of resources for the media.

Media Clippings

The Gathering 2017 Adds One Day of Hands-On Workshops, Two Days of Intimate Music Experiences

October 12, 2016 - Yahoo! Finance

Organizers of The Gathering - the fourth annual union of the world's bravest brands - announce the expanded offerings in store for up to 2,500 attendees of their 2017 flagship event.

The secret to Vice’s success: Work against the status Quo

February 20, 2015 - Marketing Magazine

The Vice Media brand been called the millennial whisperer and the voice of a generation.

Awards celebrate marketing innovation, courage

March 17, 2014 - The Globe And Mail

Last month, experts representing some of today’s leading brands gathered at an exclusive conference in Banff, Alberta. In this special feature, we share highlights from that event, including ways that these innovative marketers are building loyal brand followings.

Top marketing minds meeting in Banff for The Gathering

February 18, 2015 - Calgary Herald

As president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, White has witnessed the spectacular growth in the sport as billions of fans worldwide watch, attend or follow it with a passion.

Media Releases

The Gathering Announces First Four Honorees Of 2017

October 5, 2016

After careful evaluation of more than 1,000 brand candidates from across the globe, The Gathering is proud to announce their first four Cult Brand Honorees for 2017 - and for the first time, they will be joined by at least four more Emerging Cult Brands.

The Gathering // Music Brings The Best Of Bands And Brands To Banff Next Month

January 22, 2016

Organizers behind The Gathering, the annual two-day summit of world class cult brands in Banff, Canada, have just introduced a third day dedicated to celebrating the relationship between music and marketing.

How the world’s most successful brands and businesses are shifting their game in 2016

November 20, 2015

What do the brilliant minds behind today’s most successful brands share in common? Quite simply, they know their role reaches far beyond longstanding definitions of the word ‘marketing’.

The Gathering returns: Annual summit and awards gala set to honour a distinguished new crop of cult-like global brands

September 15, 2015

Eight executive marketing teams representing some of the world’s most fanatically revered brands will come together in Banff, AB for the third consecutive year from February 3-4, 2016, to celebrate the cult-like status they have earned among their relative armies of adoring fans, followers and consumers.

Revealed: The Secrets Cult Brands Use To Avoid Failure

January 26, 2015

Last February, a handful of leaders from some of the world’s most successful brands met in Banff at a first-of-its-kind summit called The Gathering and shared well-kept secrets they’ve used to build unbreakable brand loyalty and dominate their market categories with an intimate audience of 300.

Cult Brands to Congregate in Banff February 2015 for The Gathering

October 27, 2014

Senior brand leaders from Ultimate Fighting Championship, Tim Horton’s, Disney and Dallas Cowboys among brands to share how they cultivate deep customer loyalty

Second Coming: Details for The Gathering 2015 Cult Brand Conference

September 15, 2014

Organizers behind The Gathering, a marketing event that assembled senior leaders from some of North America’s most successful brands this past February in Banff, have announced the details for another event.

Sport Chek declared a ‘cult brand’ at North American marketing summit

February 19, 2014

WToday, Sport Chek (@SportChek) was recognized as a world leader in customer loyalty and brand development by The Gathering, a marketing forum that recognizes only the world’s most successful and coveted brands.

Cult Brands Come Together at The Gathering

December 15, 2013

Senior executives behind eight of North America’s most successful brands will come together in Banff this February at an exclusive event recognizing their achievement of “cult status”.

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