FEBRUARY 3-4, 2016

An exclusive union of the world's bravest brands

The THIRD ANNUAL coming together of North America’s most coveted brands
to share secrets and learn from renowned marketing thought leaders.



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  • The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    From its humble and controversial beginnings in 1993, the UFC has risen to a global phenomenon and is now considered the fifth major sporting organization in North America. The UFC has built themselves into the largest pay-per-view event on the planet, with 40 live fights per year and an overall presence of 1 billion viewers in 150 countries. But it’s not these impressive numbers that makes them a Top Cult brand, it’s the approachability and customer engagement they focus on at every level with their fans, their partners and the media. The UFC has a unique one-to-one connection with their customers that no other sporting league comes close to and they continue to be at the forefront of cutting edge marketing, production, promotion and social and media relations. Their mantra of “building the best, most exciting events possible” continues to drive this brand to the forefront of major sports. They celebrate the fact that the fans are a good reason they are successful by understanding their audience and driving their passions with unique offerings, partnerships and extreme approachability.

  • Tim Hortons

    While Tim Hortons is unarguably Canada’s largest and most beloved restaurant, it is a multi-national purveyor of coffee and donuts who has perfected the art of not just making a dollar, but also making a difference. Tim Hortons remains fully committed to their nontraditional marketing strategies aimed at community relations and being a cultural icon. They proudly support the “Tim Horton Children’s Foundation”, sponsoring thousands of under privileged children, along with hundreds of local food drives and community clean up projects. Perhaps even more popular is their association with Timbits hockey, where tens of thousands of kids build friendships, learn to skate and participate in hockey. As Tim Hortons continues to expand it’s menu offerings, enhance it’s culture, and increase it’s global footprint, their Cult-status will continue to grow and more people will appreciate why “going to Timmy’s” means so much more than just a great meal.

  • Cirque du Soleil

    Hard to imagine, but less than 30 years ago nobody knew what a Cirque du Soleil was. It took founder Guy Laliberte’s cunning and salesmanship to convince the province of Quebec to let his theatre troupe perform at Quebec’s 450th anniversary celebration in 1944 in order to launch what has become one of the world’s most popular entertainment shows. Now, over 150MM spectators have had their imaginations and emotions blown wide open as Cirque’s multi-national, multi-talented performers dazzle in 19 different shows in over 271 cities. They have become are now the largest theatrical production in the world. Already widely awarded for their talented performances, including four Primetime Emmy Awards, three Gemini Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they are being recognized as one of North America’s Top Cult Brands for their remarkable business sense and non-traditional approach to marketing and branding.

  • Disney Channels

    Disney Channels Worldwide, part of the largest media and entertainment company in the world, The Walt Disney Company, has set a new standard for excellence by consistently entertaining and delighting kids and families with its original programming -- stories and characters that are relatable and relevant for young viewers. With a global portfolio of over 100 kid-driven, family inclusive entertainment channels and/or channel feeds available in over 169 countries/territories, in 35 languages, Disney Channels Worldwide includes the platform brands Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, DLife, Disney Cinemagic, Hungama and Radio Disney. Over the years, Disney Channels Worldwide has developed popular series including "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Hannah Montana" and "Good Luck Charlie" as well as recent hits "Sofia the First," "Doc McStuffins," "Girl Meets World" and "Star Wars Rebels," among others. This legendary brand is dedicated to promoting the happiness and well-being of kids and families by inspiring them to create a brighter tomorrow; it is this that has garnered them Top Cult brand of the year honours.

  • Dallas Cowboys

    Affectionately dubbed “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys are unquestionably a cult brand to be reckoned with. Valued at $3.2Billion, they are the most valuable team in the NFL and tied for second most valuable sports team in the world with FC Barcelona. Despite only 2 Playoff victories since 1995, they foster irrational loyalty due to smart marketing and bold business decisions. They leverage their remarkable heritage (having won five Superbowls) with innovative fan engagement tactics such as community relationships, business partnerships, merchandising and player outreach, resulting in more revenue per year than any other NFL team. Their Cheerleaders even boast more Facebook fans than five NFL teams. Everything about the Dallas Cowboys is engineered for maximum performance, entertainment, revenue, and customer loyalty.

  • Nintendo

    Nintendo’s cult following stems from the fact that it has been revolutionizing gaming since the launch of its first “Nintendo Entertainment System” in 1985 which sold over 60Million units and first introduced the world to beloved characters like Mario and Zelda. They went on to release the most successful portable gaming system ever – Game Boy – and have been on the cutting edge of gaming innovations with the release of Nintendo 64 (new realistic 3D gaming), Game Cube (optical discs instead of cartridges) and Wii (wireless motion-sensitive controllers). The fact that Nintendo is the world’s largest video game company by revenue is no accident. They carefully protect their culture of creativity and thoughtfully exploit all their brand assets in regards to merchandising and entertainment. They foster smart strategic alliances to envelop their fan’s lives with Nintendo branded assets and tap into all the proven game theories to ensure their products are engaging and social. And their emphasis on family-friendly fun ensures generational appeal as kids grow up to become parents eager to introduce their own children to the Nintendo universe.

  • Patrón Tequila

    Patrón is a brand that sits atop its category quite formidably. With a worldwide reputation as “the ultimate,” The Patrón Spirits Co. has built a brand so remarkable it's been referenced in numerous hit songs, and spontaneously endorsed by celebrities without any incentive. Driven by the pursuit of craftsmanship and innovation, Patrón tequilas are hand-made by Mexican artisans – not machines – from the agave field to the packaging line. Their signature bottles are individually hand-blown and highly sought after by fans and artists who transform them into art and décor. Patrón has established a devoted following of both consumer enthusiasts and professional mixologists through a brand persona synonymous with celebrating life's special moments and achievements. In fact, brand fans even coined the popular colloquialism, “Patrón-worthy moments.”

  • GoodLife Fitness

    As the largest health club in Canada (and fourth largest in the World), GoodLife Fitness is an example of being hyper-successful by focusing on noble brand values. Their stated purpose is to “give every Canadian the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life” and everything they do is aimed at providing their members what they need most to change their lives for the better. From personal fitness classes to workplace wellness, heath specialists to community involvement, GoodLife Fitness fosters a cult following of 1Million+ members devoted to improving their physical and mental wellness 24/7. Exclusive partnerships with Jillian Michaels and Les Mills International, combined with hundreds of grass roots efforts initiated by empowered local operators, ensures GoodLife Fitness will continue it’s meteroric rise as one of North America’s most adored brands.

The Sessions

Sit at the feet of the world's most courageous marketers and witness successful brands immortalized.

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Guest check-in and advance registration

Welcome to Banff, nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Arriving guests and delegates can check-in at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel and register for their conference passes at this time.


1:00 PM - 1:05 PM


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1:15 PM - 1:55 PM
Good Brands, Great Passion.

The new world of marketing is personal. It’s not about technology platforms or social media doodads–it’s about real relationships, real passion and real people. After all, at the end of the day, we’re all in the people business. Understanding passion provides actionable insights that empower marketers to authentically connect with the people who love their brands. These relationships and conversations lead to sharing because they put people, not the brand, first.


2:05 PM - 2:45 PM
 | Sr. Director Brand & Media
Speed, Strength & Agility: The Dallas Cowboys Content Marketing Combine

The only way to compete in today's over-saturated media landscape is to produce THE BEST CONTENT. Content that your customers want and/or need. And you have to produce & deliver it to audiences, exactly when and where they want to receive it. The Dallas Cowboys, a brand built on tradition, has roared into the digital age, continually listening to what their fans want, showing the speed and agility of a small startup to produce and deliver content, all matched with an intense focus on creating content that is not just the best in sports, but the best in any industry.

Location: THEATRE

 | Senior Director of Brand Management and Synergy
Marketing On A Tight Wire: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Cirque Du Soleil Brand

30 years ago, a group of fire breathers and stilt walkers ignited a dream to create and travel the globe. Today, Cirque du Soleil is one of the most beloved and recognized entertainment brand in the world. It has transformed a centuries-old art form, changed the face of Las Vegas, and created its own “blue ocean”. In this session, Florent Bayle-Labouré, Senior Director of Brand Management & Synergy at Cirque du Soleil, will raise the curtain to reveal how Cirque du Soleil has harnessed customer and employee engagement to become the successful brand it is today. At a turning point in its strategic development, Florent will also examine the brand challenges that lie ahead, and what the future of the Cirque du Soleil brand could look like.


2:55 PM - 3:35 PM
Marketing Old Navy in a New Way

Brands are like people - we remember those who are emotionally engaging and tend to forget those who are merely useful or informative. Understanding how emotional connections are made and sustained is the key to understanding why some brands command intense loyalty whilst others quickly fade into obscurity. Learn how Ivan is applying his experience at Converse, Coca-Cola, and Volkswagen to improve how Old Navy is adopting tenets of "emotional branding" and how those principles can be applied to any brand.

Location: THEATRE

"Brand investment is bullshit" vs "Brand-led organization". What happens when the C-Suite gets behind building the brand.

Old-school executives snort at investing in 'brand'. It's fluffy stuff that doesn't make the cash register ring. But what happens when you get the CEO and whole C-Suite behind driving the brand? Treating it as a business strategy instead of a marketing strategy? Establishing hard metrics that are measured quarterly and evaluated by a permanent committee of the Board of Directors? Tying executive compensation to the strength of the brand? Find out how Sport Chek is driving explosive growth through an all-in commitment to building its brand as Canada's leading sports store.


3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
How does Las Vegas keep people coming back?

With a globally shifting marketplace and ever-changing consumer expectations, it is critical to constantly evolve your communications approach... and stay one step ahead of your competitors. The LVCVA welcomes this challenge and uses a proven mixture of methods to remain a global leader in marketing. Our globally revered brand drives passion, curiosity and desire for engagement. Las Vegas leverages brand partnerships to develop amazing content, collaborates with industry-influencers to reach new consumers and relies on the strength of our brand to drive interest. Get a peek behind the curtain. But remember, What Happens Here, Stays Here.


Defining your role to a Nation. It’s never what you do, but why!

Canadian Tire is among Canada's most iconic brands. So much so, that when Canadian Tire was facing new entrants and competitive threats, research showed an astounding 93% of Canadians were pulling for them to succeed (a cult like following if ever there was). Join Susan and Neil as they reveal how two words "Authenticity" and "Inclusion" inspired the We All Play for Canada platform that converted a nation's latent goodwill into a competitive advantage. One so successful that it has helped Canada's biggest retailer take its sales, company morale and its stock price to new heights.

Location: THEATRE

4:25 PM - 5:05 PM
Red Bull Media House North America
Building an Engaged Audience Through Content: Lessons from Red Bull Media House

Today, the saying goes “Everyone is a publisher." The reality is that content creation and revenue generation is not for the faint of heart. Creating powerful content and connecting with audiences is no small feat. There are few brands who have taken content to the level Red Bull has. In this session, Head Of Revenue of Red Bull Media House North America, Greg Jacobs, reveals how cult brands leverage remarkable content with a behind-the-curtain look at the media company that happens to sell energy drinks.


5:05 PM - 6:00 PM


7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Come as you are. The Gathering commences with a Welcome reception at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel within the Air Canada Lounge (Conference Centre)

Entertainment presented by: Red Bull

  • RedBull Media House
  • Air Canada
  • Fairmont
DJ Yung Nino


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, DJ Yung Nino grew up surrounded by music. At the age of 11, he started playing the drums and by the time he was 18, he channeled his passion for music into DJing. In his own words, being a DJ truly “allowed me to not only discover music in a new way, but also allowed me to use this as a creative outlet, which I haven't really had in my life.” He works closely with RedBull National Thre3style winner DJ C-Sik as the co-host of future music nights “Full Crates”, which recently marked its one year anniversary. You can catch DJ Yung Nino next at the RedBull Crashed Ice qualifiers in Calgary where he will be spinning tunes to pump up the crowd at one of the brand’s biggest events.


9:00 PM - 10:15 PM

Film followed by a special Q&A session with Red Bull Air Force Athlete Jon Devore, Director Derek Westerlund and Head Of Revenue of Red Bull Media House United States Greg Jacobs.

Location: THEATRE

Red Bull Air Force
 | Manager & Athlete

Freeride Entertainment
 | Director & Founder

Red Bull Media House North America
 | Head Of Revenue


Barely a decade old, speedriding is a high-speed, high stakes mountain sport that fuses elements of skiing and parachute flight. This hybrid approach to the alpine gives its intrepid practitioners access to terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible. In "The Unrideables: Alaska Range," one of the foremost experts on human flight, Jon DeVore, sets out with a team of elite aerial athletes to evolve the sport in North America’s most remote and demanding mountain environment.

Check back often. This agenda will be updated regularly and is subject to change.

The Masters

Listen and learn, as masterful marketing strategies that forge fanatical cult followings are exposed.


Never afraid to speak his mind, the UFC President Dana White is widely recognized for his openness and accessibility. It should come as no surprise therefore that he is one of the most followed sports personalities with almost three million on Twitter alone. White doesn’t use social media solely to promote fights; instead he uses it to remain closely connected with fans in order to continue delivering them the best experience possible. Amongst his many accolades, in 2014, White was honored as Brand Genius by Adweek and both Sports Business Journal and Business Week have named him one of the most influential people in sports. While much of his life is spent at 30,000 feet, he still makes it a point to know each of his 350 employees, regularly walking the floors of the UFC’s Las Vegas headquarters and stopping at cubicles to talk to employees. The accessibility doesn’t stop at the doors to the office; the same courtesy is extended to fans that spend hours lined up at arena entrances and press conference venues in the hopes of getting a photo or autograph. Passion isn’t something than can be taught in a classroom or bought in a store. It’s an innate trait possessed by few. White overflows with passion for his sport and his company, and it is that passion that has led to him becoming a trail blazer and revolutionary in today’s professional sports landscape. White is a man who shatters the stereotype of a typical executive. He’s your every-man, who just happens to preside over one of the most powerful sports organizations in the world. His wardrobe consists of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. He can regularly be found sitting front row at a skateboarding competition with his sons, or at his daughter’s dance recitals. He has the world at his fingertips, but his children remain the center of his world.

Matthew O’Neil
Sr. Director Brand & Media
Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Matt oversees all aspects of the Cowboys brand; including all branding, marketing, and advertising; all content creation including TV production, radio, internet, social media, and print publications; and oversees all Event Presentation/GameDay Entertainment at Cowboys games and 3rd party events at AT&T Stadium. Matt has extensive experience in sports and entertainment. Most recently, Matt was the VP of Marketing at the New York Red Bulls, of Major League Soccer. In addition to running all the marketing, video production, and game entertainment, Matt was a liaison for Red Bull, the energy drink, charged with infusing the Red Bull brand into the entire soccer fan experience, on the pitch and off. His career in sports started when he launched Dime Magazine in the year 2000, a basketball lifestyle, print publication & digital platform. Matt then moved to Hollywood where he thrived in a career producing sports video content and screenwriting, selling full-length feature films and TV shows in several genres, to MGM, Warner Brothers, and 20th Century Fox among others.

Vice President, Marketing and Creative
Disney Channel

Ron is responsible for developing and executing the marketing and creative direction for all on-air and off-air marketing and promotion of Disney Channel, the #1 cable TV network in Total Day in Total Viewers and across all TV in Kids 2-11. He previously held the title of Vice President, Creative Director of Disney Channel and Disney Junior since 2007. Among his credits are the launch and creative positioning of Disney's hit programming for kids and families including: "Teen Beach Movie," "Good Luck Charlie", "Lemonade Mouth,” “Girl Meets World,” "Phineas and Ferb," "High School Musical," "Hannah Montana," "A.N.T. Farm," "Wizards of Waverly Place," "Camp Rock", "Jake and the Never Land Pirates," "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," and "Doc McStuffins." His work at Disney Channel and Disney Junior continues to garner awards including multiple Promax, BDA, Telly and Mark Awards and most recently, 2 Emmy Awards for the original short-form content "The Time I…," and “Make your Mark” both of which he created, and the BDA Logo of the Year accolade which was received for the Disney Junior logo and package.

Chief Brand & Marketing Officer
Tim Hortons

Peter Nowlan is Chief Brand and Marketing Officer at Tim Hortons. He is focused on organizing high-performance teams around ideas that make a difference. With more than 20 years’ experience in the food and beverage world, Peter’s pursuit of great marketing and innovation has taken him across categories, companies and countries. Peter started his career with Nabisco Limited and held a variety of marketing roles up to and including Vice-President, Marketing. In 2000, Peter joined Kraft Canada as their Vice-President, Cheese Division and then moved to increasingly senior roles in Australia and Singapore. In 2005 he became the Vice-President Marketing & Strategy, Kraft Grocery Division, based in Chicago, Ill. Most recently, Peter was Chief Commercial Officer for Molson Coors Canada where he had responsibility for Sales and Marketing. He lives in Toronto with his wife and 2 children. He enjoys writing about himself in the third person

Florent Bayle-Labouré
Senior Director of Brand Management and Synergy
Cirque du Soleil

Florent Bayle-Labouré is a brand lover and entertainment addict. With an international background (he has worked in 4 countries) and experience in advertising agencies and entertainment (live shows, theme parks), Florent Bayle-Labouré is currently Senior Director of Brand Management and Synergy of Cirque du Soleil. He oversees the management of the Cirque du Soleil brand, from brand vision to brand strategies and architecture. He also orchestrates the diversification of the Cirque du Soleil brand and the creation of new brands, expanding the creativity of the organization to new spheres of entertainment. Florent and his team also ensure the synergies between the companies and brands of the Cirque du Soleil Group. He is passionate about the power of both brands and entertainment to connect and bond with consumers.

Scott Moffitt
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Scott Moffitt joined Nintendo of America in May 2011 as executive vice president of Sales and Marketing. Moffitt oversees all sales and marketing activities for Nintendo in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Moffitt comes to Nintendo from Henkel Consumer Goods, where he oversaw North American operations for leading personal-care brands such as Dial, Right Guard, Tone and Pure & Natural. During his five years as senior vice president and general manager for the Personal Care division, he orchestrated an overhaul of the flagship Dial and Right Guard brands.Moffitt's 20-plus years of leadership and marketing experience also include a formidable stint at PepsiCo, where he helped grow and revitalize the SoBe portfolio of brands and spearheaded the launch of Mountain Dew Code Red and AMP Energy Drink. As a marketing director and manager, he also oversaw product development and repositioning efforts for an array of top beverage brands, including Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Aquafina and Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer.

Mike Germano

Mike Germano serves as Chief Digital Officer of VICE Media, working out of their world headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Leading the the commercialization of all Vice Digital properties, he pushes the boundaries of what advertisers can do in this new media space. Mike came to Vice in 2013 through the acquisition of his award winning digital agency, Carrot Creative, which he co-founded and still serves as CEO of. Carrot operates as a subsidiary of Vice, whose global clients include Rolex, Target, Unilever, Ferrari and Red Bull. Mike is a highly sought after global speaker because of his candor on the industry, and energetic style. He speaks around the world at events that run the gamut from tech, like CES, to sports, such as to the NFL. Mike started his career becoming the first politician to use social media to get elected to office. However, he couldn’t have been that good because he only served one term. Mike resides in Brooklyn with his wife and son, is an angel investor and and co-owns the best pizza place in Brooklyn, Fornino.

Global Chief Marketing Officer
The Patron Spirits Company

Lee is a senior executive, innovator, and team leader, with proven strategic, creative, and communications expertise in the fields of brand and retail marketing. He has nationally recognized achievements in digital and social media, brand building, and product development. Lee currently serves as the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patrón Spirits International, AG, responsible for leading their luxury portfolio of brands, including the world’s number one ultra-premium tequila. He directs all global, integrated marketing efforts across creative, media, PR, product development and innovation, and experiential activation in over 130 countries.

Greg Jacobs
Red Bull Media House

A seasoned entertainment professional with particular expertise in lifestyle and sports programming, Greg Jacobs is Head of Revenue for Red Bull Media House in North America, overseeing all revenue-centric properties including content distribution, event and film sponsorships, digital advertising inventory, and print. His team is responsible for business development and strategic partnerships that enable properties to leverage a Red Bull Media House ecosystem which is especially valued for its authentic voice in the 18- to 34-year-old male market. Greg was Head of Commercial Distribution before transitioning to his current role, where among other successes he secured the company’s largest licensing deals. Previously, Greg oversaw business development for unscripted television at NASCAR, earning an Emmy as Executive Producer for Versus’ Quest for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Earlier, he founded production company Magellan Media, which he sold to Post Modern Creative, becoming Post Modern’s Executive Producer for commercial and television production. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Denver.

Jon Devore
Manager & Athlete
Red Bull Air Force

As manager of the Red Bull Air Force, Jon DeVore is part educator, part performer, and 100% percent visionary. “My passion is human flight, and I’d like to teach the general public that what we’re doing is actually flying, not just dropping,” he explains. To date, he has logged over 17,000 skydives and 500 BASE jumps.

Chief Marketing Officer, FGL Sports & Mark’s
EVP, Canadian Tire Corporation

Duncan Fulton is an Executive Officer of Canadian Tire Corporation and a member of the Canadian Tire, FGL Sports and Mark's executive teams. Duncan oversees many of the groups responsible for furthering the Company's brand, including communications, sponsorships and sports partnerships, events, and all marketing for the retail banners in FGL Sports and at Mark's. Duncan's work with the Company's brand has been recognized through numerous industry awards, including a Bronze Lion in the media category at Cannes Lions 2013, Marketing Magazine's 2013 Marketer of the Year for Canadian Tire Corporation and Marketing Executive of the Year in 2013 by the International Business Awards. Before joining Canadian Tire Corporation, Duncan was the General Manager and Senior Partner of the Toronto flagship office of international communications company Fleishman-Hillard. Prior to his agency experience, Duncan served as a communication advisor and spokesman for several political leaders, including former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, and New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna. Duncan has an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and currently represents Canadian Tire Corporation as a board member of Own the Podium, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and One X One.

Derek Westerlund
Director & Founder
Freeride Entertainment

Derek Westerlund is the director and founder of Freeride Entertainment. Derek grew up around the pioneers of the extreme sports movement and over the past fifteen years, Derek and his team at Freeride Entertainment have produced award-winning content across film, television, web and commercial platforms in more than 40 countries around the world. Most recently, Freeride Entertainment, in association with Red Bull Media House, teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Dana Brown to produce “On AnySunday, The Next Chapter,” a widely received documentary feature film that explores the passion of motorcycle riding, released in theaters across the US and several global markets in Fall 2014. Next up is "Unrideables: The Alaska Range” a documentary film that follows a team of elite aerial athletes to evolve the sport of Speedriding in North America’s most remote and demanding mountain environment. Derek resides in Nelson, British Columbia with his wife and two sons.

Vice President, Marketing
Canadian Tire

As Vice-President, Marketing, Susan is responsible for the development and execution of marketing and branding strategies for Canadian Tire’s $7BN Retail Division. Susan and her team create innovative and integrated marketing plans for Canadian Tire’s five business divisions and Sports Partnerships campaigns. Susan is the driving force behind Canadian Tire’s “We All Play For Canada” brand campaign, a platform that supports the multitude of sports partnerships and community activities Canadian Tire takes part in. Canadian Tire was recognized as Marketer of the Year in 2013 from Marketing Magazine and continues to shake up the retail industry with unexpected, sometimes irreverent but always authentically Canadian creative.

Founder & CEO
Goodlife Fitness

David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans is a global advocate for health and fitness. Fitness expert, best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist, Patch is the past Chairman of the Board of the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) - the world’s leading health and fitness association. Patch is dedicated to exercise as the healthcare solution for Canadians. He is a graduate of physical education at the University of Western Ontario and in 2012, Western conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws acknowledging his achievements as a fitness entrepreneur, his community service and his support of autism research. Patch is the author of two best-selling books, Living the Good Life and The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong, with all proceeds from both books supporting autism research. Patch is co-founder of The Kilee Patchell-Evans Autism Research Group at the University of Western Ontario named after his autistic daughter with the focus of finding the cause and cure of autism. One of his most cherished awards is the Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour which he received in 2007. Patch has also received many business honours including the CVCA Entrepreneur of the Year; Canadian Business Magazine Most Innovative CEO; and the Ernst & Yonge Entrepreneur of the Year. Patch’s athletic accomplishments include winning five Canadian Rowing Championships.

Ivan Wicksteed
SVP & Global Chief Marketing Officer
Old Navy

Ivan Wicksteed is the SVP & Global Chief Marketing Officer for Old Navy, overseeing both the marketing and store design teams. Prior to joining Old Navy in February of 2013, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Cole Haan, and prior to that he was head of International Marketing for Converse. He served as Global Creative Director for Coca-Cola for five years where he helped to instigate a new creative era at the company. Ivan began his career in strategic planning roles at agencies like TBWA Chiat Day in Los Angeles, as well as BMP DDB Needham in London.

Author, The Passion Conversation

Geno Church is the Word of Mouth Inspiration Officer at Brains on Fire, but he considers himself more of a “WOM Cupid” and a pathfinder for the agency’s clients. Geno shines at uncovering the DNA of sustainable word of mouth movements, and has walked the path with brands and organizations including Fiskars Brands, the National Center for Families Learning, Anytime Fitness, Love146 and The Environmental Defense Fund. He is a highly sought-after speaker and relishes the opportunity to share his thoughts and spark conversations with brands and organizations of all sizes. Geno has been a presenter and a workshop facilitator at events hosted by the Public Relations Society of America, Public Relations Student Society of America, Blackbaud BBCON (Australia), Influence Session Sydney, and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, to name a few. He’s also co-author of Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements and The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking, and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing.

Founder & President
Brand Keys

Author- Predicting Market Success & The Certainty Principle
Robert Passikoff, Brand Key’s founder/president, is an innovator and thought leader pioneering work in loyalty and engagement, creating the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index and the Sports Fan and Women’s Wear Daily Fashion Brand Indices. His first book, Predicting Market Success, provided a 21st century paradigm for loyalty. His second book, The Certainty Principle, dealt with engagement in a more complex, cross-channel marketplace. In 2012 his company introduced the Digital Platform Engagement Index, a review of 14 digital platforms and their individual engagement effects in B2C and B2B categories. His newest book, Brand Strategy In A Digital World, will be published early in 2014. Robert’s impassioned, straight-shooting and profitability-correlated perspectives are reflected by the fact that New York University’s communication school has declared Dr. Passikoff “one of the most-quoted brand consultant in the United States.”


The LVCVA is the destination marketing organization for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Cathy oversees all marketing, advertising and sales efforts. She joined the LVCVA in 2005 with extensive experience in travel and tourism, health care administration and journalism. She holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Bonaventure University and an Associate’s degree from the State University of New York at Morrisville. She serves as a staff liaison for the U.S. Travel Association, the Travel and Tourism Advisory Board (TTAB) and is a member of the Board of Advisors for The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas.

Vice President, Global Sales
Air Canada

Duncan Bureau was appointed Vice President, Global Sales in June 2014. In this key strategic role, Duncan is responsible for the airline’s revenue generated across all sales channels from all global points of sale, and sales distribution strategies worldwide. Prior to joining Air Canada, Duncan was Senior Vice-President, Global Sales and Distribution at Malaysia Airlines, a role held since June 2012. At Malaysia Airlines, he was responsible for the airline’s strategic direction in sales, distribution and tour operator divisions, developing sales distribution and channel strategies, and managing international destination sales, marketing and operations. He previously held senior leadership positions at WestJet in sales, business development, distribution, and at Canadian Airlines in revenue management, network planning, financial reporting, annual budget and strategic planning, Duncan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance from The University of Lethbridge in Alberta.

Creative Agency Lead

As Creative Agency Lead for Google Canada, Adam connects agencies with Google's platforms and people to deliver more effectively for their clients. Prior to Google Adam worked as a management consultant, renewable energy sector entrepreneur / engineer and a sales and marketing strategist in consumer electronics. He holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University, lives in Toronto, loves to cook and is an avid skier, mountain biker, kayaker, rock climber and photographer.

Ethan Song
Co-founder, CEO, and Creative Director
Frank & Oak

As co-founder, CEO, and Creative Director of menswear e-tailer Frank & Oak, Ethan enhances everything customer-facing, including the product, marketing campaigns, and online shopping experience. His vision of creating a simple and innovative company at the nexus of fashion, technology, and retail makes him an inspiration to his team and those around. Originally from China, Ethan has traveled and worked on most continents, including more pronounced stints in Shanghai, Paris, and Vancouver. In 2012, he co-founded Frank & Oak to revolutionize the traditional retail model and offer men the simplest way to shop online.

Kurt Schroeder
Director of Marketing and Communications
Banff/Lake Louise Tourism

Banff Lake Louise Tourism is the destination marketing organization for Banff National Park, the Town of Banff, and the hamlet of Lake Louise. Canada’s first national park, established in 1885, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff National Park welcomes nearly 4 million visitors annually. Kurt directs all marketing and communication strategies, including brand management, digital platforms, and content marketing. A member of the executive team since 2006, he previously held business development roles within the tourism industry at leading North American ski resort and tour operator companies. Holding a bachelor’s degree from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, he is a citizen of both the U.S. and Canada, an avid skier, mountain biker, cyclist, and surfer.


Prior to co-founding Cult Collective in Oct 2012, Chris spent over a decade applying his marketing acumen to several Fortune 100 brands. Client side at John Deere and The Home Depot, and as S.V.P at Rapp in Dallas TX working with brand leaders at Macy’s, Albertson's, Best Buy, or most recently as President of Watermark Advertising Design leading Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Chris has gained invaluable experience helping brands improve their relevance, CRM and loyalty marketing efforts. Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University and received a Graduate Degree from Northwestern University.

Corby Fine
VP Customer Experience Strategy
Rogers Media

Corby is a well-known and respected leader throughout the integrated digital media industry in North America. He has been instrumental in developing strategic growth opportunities and has led numerous wins for companies across different verticals. He has worked collaboratively developing go-to-market offerings and client and agency relationships. As well, he has led strategy, sales, platform and new business development initiatives focused on audience development, revenue and innovation. He comes with 15+ years of business experience cross technology, startups, media and consulting. Specialties include monetizing online audiences, eCommerce, interactive marketing, social media, CRM and loyalty. Key accomplishment include the launch of CPAX, one of the world's first multi publisher premium advertising exchanges, and the launch of Rogers Audience Solutions business, using rich first party proprietary data to develop advanced advertising solutions. Corby is responsible for integrating digital strategy and execution to transform the experience for Rogers customers. This includes 11 million consumers, hundreds of thousands of business and enterprise clients, and media agencies and other advertising partners. Working towards a seamless, omni-channel experience leveraging the best in digital, social, mobile, contact centre, retail, field service and other channel strategies.

Karen Sorensen
Town of Banff

Mayor Karen Sorensen is serving her second term as mayor of the Town of Banff. She has served on Town Council since October 2004 and became mayor in 2010 by acclamation. Mayor Sorensen was and raised in Orangeville, Ontario and graduated from University of Guelph. She has worked for over 30 years in the hospitality industry in public relations and sales, primarily in Banff. In 2000, she started her own company providing customer service training within the hospitality industry. Currently, in addition to her mayoral duties, Karen works with her husband, Carsten, in their business, CBS Financial Directions. She and Carsten have been married for 26 years and have raised their two sons, Eric and Connor, in Banff. Their oldest son, Bjerre, is married and lives in California with his wife and three children. Karen is a proud ambassador for Banff and sees being mayor as a fabulous opportunity to enhance the residential and visitor experience in Banff. "My goal is to build on Banff's success as a great place to live and wonderful place to visit," she says.

Joanna Kerr
Executive Director
Greenpeace Canada

Joanna Kerr is the Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada, which captures people’s imaginations and influences decision-makers to protect the environment through creative confrontation. A lifelong feminist and activist, Joanna is transforming Greenpeace into a mobilization-first organization empowering people to join the environmental movement. Never afraid to break down barriers, she previously served as the first female Chief Executive of ActionAid International and Executive Director of the Association of Women’s Rights in Development, where she was awarded a Sigrid Rausing Trust leadership prize. Joanna has held senior positions with Oxfam Canada and the North-South Institute, and served on 5 non-profit boards.

Co-Founder & Chief Storytelling Officer
Cleansheet Communications

Neil is a storyteller. And given he has spent 25 years in the communication business across as many brands and challenges as you'd care to mention, he has no shortage of wisdom to draw from. In the advertising world, his ability to shape perceptions and inspire cash registers to ring has resulted in his being named Canadian Agency of the Year on 5 separate occasions. Outside of business hours, he is a lecturer, author and most recently documentary film maker. Neil and his business partner named their company Cleansheet because every clean sheet of paper is the potential for an idea that will move the world.

Sean Claessen
Executive Vice President of Strategy & Executive Creative Director
Bond Brand Loyalty

Sean leads our creative and strategy teams. He has extensive experience in youth marketing, heavy digital innovation and developing experiential campaigns for brands such as The Home Depot, BlackBerry, Ford, SCENE, Cineplex, West 49, the SPC program, Solo Mobile, Mattel, Puma, various ministries of the Ontario Government and several not-for-profit organizations and causes. Sean’s experience has garnered a strategic understanding of above- and below-the-line advertising and promotion, a wealth of knowledge in direct mail, experiential marketing and a myriad of forms of digital interactive development. A focus on mixing traditional and non-traditional creative, the breadth of tactical knowledge, governed by strong strategy that's founded in consumer insight, make Sean a valuable contributor to our Executive Leadership Team. Leading a team of Strategists, Creative Directors, Art Directors and Writers, Sean’s focus is on creating valuable and potent brand experiences for our clients that blur the line between breakthrough Creative and innovative Strategy. Sean is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout North America, focused on Brand Experience, Loyalty, Digital vocabularies like Social and Mobile.

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Beautiful Banff, Alberta

Hidden away in the secrecy of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is
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Director, SXSW Interactive
Drew Ianni
Founder & CEO, APPNATION Conferences
Robert Montgomery
CEO, Achilles Media
Founder, Banff World Media Festival
Keri Miller
Partner & Creative Director, e=mc2 Events
Ryan Gill
President & Founder,
Cult Collective Ltd.

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